Botox™ and Juvederm™


Allatoona Family Dental is very excited to now offer both Botox™ and Juvederm™ therapy for our patients because when surrounded by the proper frame, pretty teeth transform into a beautiful smile.

Botox™ and Juvederm™ are most commonly known for wrinkle treatment, facial enhancement and sculpting. In addition to these standard services, our doctors can also utilize these products to treat other orofacial problems such as TMJ disorder, migraine headaches, bruxism, gummy smiles and even filling in the black triangles that may appear between the teeth after gum recession.

There are many benefits to having a dental professional administer your Botox™ and Juvederm™ that other medical personnel cannot offer including the option of complete anesthesia for Juvederm treatments well as expertise in injection procedures.

Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Adamson have both completed the highly acclaimed American Academy of Facial Esthetics training program for Botox™ and Juvederm™. They are among the first providers in Georgia to be officially recognized and licensed by the State of Georgia Dental Board for injectable pharmacologics.

Please contact our office to set up a consultation with one of our doctors to learn how these treatments can enhance your smile and provide a more youthful look.

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