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Snap-On Smile® is a customized set of attractive, natural-looking teeth designed to fit easily over the upper or lower teeth. As fabricated from high-tech dental resin, Snap-On-Smile offers a temporary yet satisfying way to conceal unsightly gaps, stains, dental imperfections, and slightly crooked or missing teeth. Both attractive and affordable, it gives patients who cannot commit to more permanent treatment methods such as dental crowns, bridges, or implants another option in care.

A quick, satisfying solution for a less-than-perfect smile

Getting a fully customizable Snap-On Smile is a typically painless and non-invasive process that requires no drilling, injections, or change in the structure of your teeth. From dental impression to finish, it only entails a couple of short visits.

Easy to wear and simple to maintain

While temporary, the cosmetic effect is instantaneous. Attractive and comfortable, Snap-On Smile leaves you free to eat, drink, and speak like you would with a natural set of front teeth. Your provisional smile is also easy to care for and works well for temporary and longer-term use.

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